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STIFF RIDGE is formulated with specially selected ingredients that when combined, go to work for you to recharge your libido and amplify your sexual performance....

More Energy, More Stamina, Better Performance !

  • STIFF RIDGE comes equipped with the right All Natural combination needed to increase Overall sexual performance through an enhanced sex drive, Increased Stamina, Libido, Circulation & more !

Satisfaction For Both Partners

The nutrients within STIFF RIDGE boost blood flow and sperm quality for stronger and longer erections, and more satisfying orgasms for you and your partner.

Give Her Experiences Worth
Telling Her Friends About!

Jenny & Frank are a couple out of Fort Worth, Texas. Jenny is a botanist and Frank is Corporate VP. When Frank and Jenny first met, their passion for one another was on fire. Jenny just graduated college, and Frank had his first Internship with the company he now is VP of.

As Frank began to climb the corporate Ladder, his libido became weakened due to extensive amounts of time sitting down in front of a computer. Also,  His desire for sexual relations also suffered due to all of his energy and attention being directed towards financial success within the company. Little did he know his relationship was on the verge of destruction.

Franks wife Jenny, Began to make Frank aware that she felt neglected and unsatisfied with how Frank has been neglecting her needs as a woman. She even threatened to leave Frank if things did not change soon. Jenny bagan to research for a Male support Supplement that did not have negative side effects and that was an Herbal supplement. This was so that there would be lesser chance of a negative side effect or experience.

Jenny came across Stiff Ridge and it has changed the Tide of her relationship to this very day.  The desire for sexual satisfaction now knocks on the door of Frank daily, and his Jenny is in love with every experience. The mere sight of Jenny causes Frank to, "Rise to Attention" and the experience lasts extended periods of time. They are now married with children. Frank and Jenny give there Highest recommendation to Stiff Ridge, for those who might find themselves in a similar situation; Unsatisfied, unmotivated, Lacking confidence.

The results

Bigger, Better, Longer !


     Increase Sex drive

   Increase Stamina

                  Increase Libido-Circulation

    Increase firmness



Most other male enhancement products (also known as MEPs) do not contain ingredients that have been clinically proven to manage erectile dysfunction (ED) as well as target the root cause of poor performance in the bedroom.

Most do not include key ingredients such as the 3 types of Ginseng, used to; help dramatically increase your sex drive, supercharge your performance, achieve and maintain erections, increase stamina, and intensify your orgasms.

Due to extensive research and our firm understanding of men's sexual health needs, we have created a product that is guaranteed to enhance your sexual performance and provide a powerful boost for your sex drive and stamina.

STIFF RIDGE is a unique formula based on scientific data and proven effective in clinical studies to target the symptoms of erectile dysfunction as well as supporting men's sexual health. This is where you take control back and unleash the beast within.

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Success Stories

I was suffering from ED as I began to age past 35. I've used many enhancers on the market to put a spark back into my love life, but nothing has worked quite as well as STIFF RIDGE. My stamina is better now than it was in my 20's! Thank You Stiff Ridge !

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    Mike Lawry

I am absolutely blown away at the results from STIFF RIDGE. My wife has really enjoyed my performance since I've started taking it. I really appreciate the effort that goes into your product. Thank You!

  • adult-1851571_1920
    Laura Koller


Turn Back The Clock

Do you remember how it felt in your early twenties? Walking home in the dawn light after a long night of passion. The full body feeling. That swagger you had.

Has it been a long time since you last felt that movie star swagger? Maybe you think those days are behind you? Think again.

STIFF RIDGE has been formulated to work for any man – including you. Little wonder it's already being called the Marriage Saver .

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Our Mission

The mission of our company is to provide sexual satisfaction to both partners involved. Most times this is not achieved due to natural bodily functions of the male failing, due to various factors such as a clogged prostrate, libido leaks, Poor diets, Old Age, & etc. Although, with a mindful diet; accompanied with an All Natural Sexual Enhancer like Stiff Ridge, we are sure our goals will be achieved with consistent success.

About Us

We do things a bit differently, and that's the way we like it!

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Stiff Ridge is an all natural source for sexual performance enhancement. We go to great lengths to develop formulas for our clients with a healthy and safe outcome in mind. This means that we do not use synthetic chemicals to induce temporary effects, with long term drawbacks. Our formula has been used for over 100 years.

It is comprised of a combination of herbs passed down from generation to generation.



"Stiff Ridge was exactly what I needed to put a spark back into my marriage !"


"I've tried many Male Support Supplements and NONE compare to STIFF RIDGE !"

New York

"I bought this for my boyfriend 3 months ago, and now I make sure I keep a months supply on hand ALWAYS. Thank You STIFF RIDGE ! "

— Ellie HART

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